About Us

Our Story

Zeus, the rescued German Shorthair, was sitting on the couch with a broken leg and he urged I want to go again. We also knew a wheelchair outdoorsman who wanted to go again. So, we took both outdoors to pursue pheasants and Second Shot began.

Our Why

Second Shot exists to create outdoor recovery opportunities for those with disability or illness. By pairing adaptive outdoors(wo)men with rescued hunting dogs, we share a team experience that enables and pushes the outdoor boundaries. By pursuing upland game and fishing, we offer the chance to connect with the outdoors while making a lasting impact with our clients.

Our How

With the sponsor and membership support we aim to create a community that continues the adaptive pursuit. Our free upgrades in membership make it fun to sponsor adaptive outdoors(wo)men. With companies’ generous sponsorships we create marketing content through video and online writing to show their support. You can even choose to have your dollars go towards a specific pursuit and cause. To continue a great cause, we believe in a team effort, us included.




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