Becoming Famous

Second Shot has been established for about two years now and it feels like the ‘big break’ is happening. Being a fairly small organization ‘big’ is a relative word. More organizations and people have reached out to get involved or do a story on what we’re up to than ever before. Read More


Another Hunt in the Books!

What a beautiful February weekend it was in Riverside, Iowa; perfect setting for a pheasant hunt. With the help of volunteers, family members, 6 dogs, Highland Hideaway Hunting reserve and our wonderful client, Dylan, I’d say we had a very successful hunt.

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Father Showed Me Family

This was originally published as a guest post on Randy Schultz’s blog, A Bird Hunter’s Thoughts. A real honor for the writer and for Second Shot.

by Kelsey Anderson

“Pop, pop!” went the 20 gauge in Riverside, Iowa on a cold, but sunny Saturday afternoon. Nellie and Zeus, my two energetic labs, ran to the middle of the field where the pheasant fell from the sky after Chris shot his first bird of the day; a silly grin plastered across his face. Second Shot was giving Chris a second shot at hunting and a day of outdoor therapy fun.

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GoPro Video: Cancer Client Susan Wilson

Susan spotted the last bird of the day running. The dogs could not find it. She flushed it up on the last step and took the last shot hitting the pheasant.

Thank you to an incredible volunteer team for backup shooters and camera work.

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Spinal Cord Injury GoPro: Chris Norton Pheasant Hunt

Chris hit four on his own. With Reid swinging the barrel and saying FIRE, Chris pulled the trigger to connect.

The volunteer hero award goes to JJ. He was the best flusher and wheelchair pusher of the day! Thank you for your great work and camaraderie (easy to say, hard to spell)!

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