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Chris was our last wheelchair outdoorsman and he let a few birds know he was in the field. He is ready to go again, but this time he suggested hosting  another outdoors(wo)man to share the joy of the field. Since his injury day, Chris has thought about two things: Work Ethic and Helping Others. He reflects this through his daily six hour workouts, speaking, and volunteer work. We think this should be shared with all. We want to get another wheelchair hunter out with this spirit.

As soon was we let our rescued black lab, Nellie, out to hunt for Chris, she leaped into his lap for a hug. This little lady usually takes a moment to warm up to men, but we think she just has a crush on hard working gents. She and Chris led the way to a successful and safe pursuit.

Last pursuit he told Reid that he better get that barrel swinging straight. That was a nice way to say You had better shoot some sh**! Always just one of the guys, Chris brings a spirit to those around him always knowing that life is a wonderful thing, but it ain’t easy. Now that sounds like a guy with a mustache writing a profile.

Chris’ is working with Second Shot to lead the way for a campaign goal of $5000 to host another wheelchair hunter by October. The dollars will go to adaptive equipment or a cause chosen by the hosted hunter. Then they will head out with Second Shot to Pursue the Adaptive Outdoors.

See the last wheelchair pursuit here and let’s get a wheelchair rollin’ on a pursuit!

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