3 Reasons to Adopt

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For many people there is hesitation in adopting a dog, because of the stigma that surrounds animal shelters and humane societies. Apparently, they must all be bad dogs if they made it there! A couple of fun facts that PetFinder gives, tells us otherwise. The top three reasons why dogs are given to shelters by their owners: 1. moving 2. landlord doesn’t allow pets and 3. maintenance cost (yes, you have to feed your dog multiple times per day, every day). In other cases whole litters of puppies are given to a shelter because of an accidental pregnancy. So, let’s get to the bottom of why to adopt a dog.

1. Save TWO lives by adopting ONE     2. They make great pets (myths of shelter dogs)    And 3. What a steal of a deal



Save TWO lives by adopting ONE

I think that you would agree that by adopting a dog you are giving them a second chance at, not a good life, but a great one. A chance for them to learn from you and for you to learn from them. Many shelters are unable to take on more animals because of their limited space. So, by adopting one dog you are opening up space for another one in the shelter. Save two dogs by adopting one.

200They make great pets

Being a dog owner myself I can tell you first hand that I have more responsibility beyond my own needs. But I don’t consider them to be “work”. I have fallen in love with both of my dogs and want to go home after work and go on a run with them, play outside, or even cuddle by the fireplace (ok, I don’t have a fireplace, but a tv rather and can watch movies with them). According to WebMD there are many positive health benefits to owning a dog! Studies have shown for more than 25 years that, “Pets help lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety. They help boost our immunity. They can even help you get dates”. I bet you’re thinking of adopting now!

What a steal of a deal

Just because you want a dog doesn’t mean that you want to break your bank! Adopting versus purchasing from a breeder can save you a lot of money. What humane society’s charge you for a dog is ridiculously cheap when looking at everything that you’re getting: up to date vaccinations, social interaction with other animals at the shelter/humane society, either spay or neutering, and a priceless connection that you’ll form with your new family member (aww). Many shelters and humane societies run on volunteers with a limited staff. Most places even have volunteer vets to do check ups, vaccinations, and even necessary surgeries.

So, humor me. Go meet a couple of dogs that are currently at your local humane society (but be sure your landlord gives you the ‘ok’ before adopting a dog)! And, who knows, maybe you’ll get a date.



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