Dog Food Basics

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Researching dog foods was time consuming. I found that there was a lot more to know than go to the grocery store and look for the brands that are on tv or listen to the vet. Though the process was enjoyable, I wish I could have saved some time. Through the process, three tips jumped out and are important to remember when feeding your dog. Hopefully these can save you some time!


Dogs are heavily related to wolvesfood1

Well at least most are. I am not sure what to say about a Pomeranian. But, most medium to large breeds used to be wild. When they were wild they were actually omnivores. They pursued wild game in a pack for their heavy meat based diet. While protein and fat makes the majority of a wolf’s diet, they are opportunistic omnivores. They will eat an estimated 10-20% of their diet in berries, vegetables, and grains. A ratio similar for your dog is appropriate.

Different dogs have different stomachs

You may not tolerate the spicy like rick from down the hall. Your dog might not tolerate the the chicken and rice recipe like little Sparky next door. Different dogs have different GI systems. They process food differently based on physiological reactions that are similar to humans. So, pay attention to how your dog may process different foods! 

What would you want to eat?

There is a lot of hype and doubt surrounding the perfect blend of ingredients and ratio of macro nutrients. Just think simple to conquer the noise. What would you like to eat? Do you want to stuff yourself with a bunch of carbs with wheat and rice galore? We know that humans do not extract as much energy from these sources. We also know neither do dogs. Plus it does not sound like a wolf diet. No, you want to enjoy a sirloin steak which is good due to protein and fat. Give your dog the same muscle building and energy inducing advantage.IMG_1009


With three thoughts to save your dog food buying experience from headache, we hope that you can find the right blend for your dog. Keep these concepts in mind to simplify your time in the dog food aisle.



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