Healthy eating for you and your canine friend

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By Kelsey Anderson

We always hear about the next big diet and ways to drop weight, but why don’t we just focus on eating relatively healthy and staying active? I know that if I just focused on those two objectives instead of counting steps and calories I would save time and lower my stress levels. Stick to the easy, healthy and traditional favorites when it comes to making meals for yourself. While you’re trying to eat healthier also think about your pups!

Meal 1: Most important

Breakfast is a personal favorite of mine so I most definitely make time to eat a good meal to kick start my day, but some mornings time seems to slip away from me. My fastest and healthiest “go to” in a time crunch is a smoothie. Whip out the blender and throw in yogurt, fruit, some protein powder and lots of spinach! I know this sounds weird, but when you’re drinking your smoothie you can’t even taste it. Great way to get in some greens. Even Martha Stuart encourages you to try different smoothie recipes. The next one I’m going to try out is the “Winter Smoothie”! What many people don’t realize is that breakfast kick-starts your metabolism for the day after you’ve been sleeping for, hopefully, 8 hours.

The next meals to come are lunch and dinner. When you’re in the grind at work, lunch keeps getting pushed back because of your ever growing to-do list. Take a second to heat up some leftovers you brought. This will save you time and money. It’s become too easy to order in to keep on working your day away. If you make larger dinner’s during the week you’ll end up with a wide selection of lunches to choose from in the mornings on your way out the door. See fewer and fewer charges from fast food restaurants on your credit card bill at the end of each month. Check out some easy, and healthy, meal options with Iowa Girl Eats. If you don’t have a crock pot you’ll definitely need to invest soon! Some really easy recipes out there that include throwing something in your crockpot in the morning to have it ready to eat by dinner time! Great for making meals for yourself or the whole family.

Now, we can’t forget about our canine friends. We want them to eat healthy, too! There are a surprising amount of options for them: dry, wet and raw options. Let the experts do the research work for you. Dog Food Advisor breaks down all of your choices while taking into account the age and weight of your dog. Dog Food Reviews also takes an unbiased viewpoint of each food brand, ingredients and quality. Some of their top contenders include Taste of the Wild and Natural Balance Dog Food. Also check out their coupons to save some cash to put towards your healthy ingredients OR more toys for them.

Happy (and healthy) eating!



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