Holiday Wish List for your Canine Friend

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I have two dogs and if yours are anything like mine your dog toys don’t have a very long life span! They get so excited and just can’t seem to help themselves – tug ‘o war, ripping, and whipping around all ensue. So… what to purchase them that will last? I’ve come up with my top five favorite durable dog toys to help you with your Black Friday shopping this week!

  1. Rope Knotty Ball – Everyone has seen the multi-colored rope, but mine don’t seem to stay intact very well. The knot ball will last! I’ve playing fetch indoors with this and even hide and seek. Once my dogs caught on to the game they couldn’t get enough of it! They were so excited to show me that they had found the toy I had hidden in the other room when they sniffed it out. Long lasting and create feeling of accomplishment for your pooch! Purchase one from any pet store or learn how to make one yourself:
  1. Treat Maze – This is another toy that will get your dog to put their thinking cap on. It stimulates their brain by forcing them to figure out how to get the treats out of the ‘maze’. I don’t purchase treats, but put a little bit of their dog food in it – becomes part of their dinner and they’re rewarded with food when they figure out the trick! Be sure to check it out here:
  1. Nylabone – My labs go right through a real bone, but this bone definitely entertains them for long periods of time and it tastes good (or at least it looks like they think it does). Helps with your dog’s oral health, cleans their teeth, and they come in different flavors! Bring your dog to the pet store with you so they can ‘paw’ (hand) select the one they want. Looks like is having deals already for the holidays:
  1. Natural Elk or Deer Antler – yes, you read that right! You can purchase an antler that has been shed by a live animal and I promise that you dog will LOVE it. If you’re lucky enough to have or know someone with a large piece of property (and there are deer or elk that roam) I’d recommend going for a walk to see if you can pick one up for free! When my dog Nellie has one of these she doesn’t want to give it up. Purchase a natural one from
  1. Fire hose fetch – This toy is actually made of fire hose material so you know that it’s durable! Outward hound sells them along with a few other vendors, but they make some holiday ones, too! I can’t wait for my pups to open up their presents soon to enjoy some indestructible (hopefully!) new toys. Find them on their website and enjoy 20% off if you’re a new customer of theirs:

With Black Friday in a couple days I say “Go Wild!” and spoil your pup this holiday season! Even pet stores have good deals during this time of year. But, be sure to get something durable so that you don’t have to keep spoiling them with new toys year-round.



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