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By Kelsey Anderson

There has been so much work put into this non-profit so far, and much more to come, but I wanted to take a hot second to thank our biggest contributors… our dogs! Ok, our clients and supporters make this all possible, but I DO want to recognize our main employees. They do quite a bit of work on and off the field. Their primary responsibilities include eating, sleeping, pooping, oh and we can’t forget training and hunting!

First on the docket is Zeus Anderson-Wilson. Sitting at 55 pounds, with a lean body, even though he’s the oldest he’s still the fastest! He displays a healthy brown coat with a white spotted chest displaying part of his heritage, German Shorthair Pointer. His other genes were given by his mom, yellow labrador retriever. He was born to be a hunter! Age 2 ½ his diet includes a duck-flavored and grain free, Taste of the Wild, dog food; along with whatever he manages to get out of friends who visit for grill outs. Squirrels and bunnies find their hiding spots when he’s let off the leash! Proudly adopted in August of 2014 from the Humane Society of Northeast Iowa.

Second on the roster is a beautiful black labrador retriever, Zeus’ adopted sister, Nellie Anderson-Wilson! Brought home on the same day as Zeus they were best friends at first ball chase. Sitting at 60 pounds she has silky black fur and long legs. Nellie has learned quickly how to flush those pheasants. Reining her in when she gets on a scent is the hard part. Waverly Pet Rescue, and her foster parents, did a great job socializing her with dog friends. She tells us frequently how much she loves us, but also misses them! However, we’re all forgotten when she’s out in that field tracking those birds and having the time of her life.

Last, but certainly not least, our purebred chocolate labrador retriever (we love our labs), Moose Grimm. Almost all muscle he’s 60 pounds and eager to retrieve for his Second Shot clients. In his spare time he especially enjoys taking naps, retrieving just about anything and thinking of ways to impress Nellie. He came from Piddle Creek Kennels in December of 2013 and Moose has lived up to his heritage by becoming an excellent hunter; we’re happy he’s decided to join this team.

We’re so excited for our clients to have the opportunity to be outdoors, but to also have them meet and work with our dogs in the field (and off the field if they’re interested in dog sitting for us)! Now, if only we could teach them to write and help with our blog….



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