3 Items to Dress Your Best!

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Who says that you can’t look good while hunting?! Not me, that’s for sure. Of course you need to think about the weather and what type of hunting you’ll be doing, but surprisingly there’s some good looking hunting apparel out there! Let’s take a look at tops/bottoms, hats and shoes (every girl’s favorite).

Tops and Bottoms

All hunters need to anticipate the worst weather: rain and snow! Turns out that both men and women have plenty of options for rain jackets and winter coats at some top notch outdoor stores. Breathable, waterproof and stylish. Check out Cabela’s rain jackets WITH matching bottoms! The North Face offers a wide variety of jackets and bright orange is my number one choice. We also have to stay warm out there so definitely invest in some nice under armour. One of the first times that I went hunting I was jealous of Reid’s (our Cheif Pursuit Officer) pants. With nylon facing out on my pants I soon discovered the ease of walking through brush. One of our sponsors, Scheels, has a lot of great options so be sure to visit them before pheasant hunting starts up again!  


Again, the weather should always dictate what you wear. There are winter hats designed with hunters in mind! Both camo and orange are options, but some are better looking than others (which is also important to calculate into your final purchase decision)! Almost all hunting gear brands sell hats so maybe you like to support a specific brand. Our Head Media Officer, Kelsey Grimm, likes to rock the bright orange while supporting Pheasants Forever. And I must say she looks pretty good! Get yours here.


Last, but certainly not least is your walking gear. Comfortability and durability are most important when selecting your footware before walking through the fields sniffing for pheasants. When I was on the hunt (haha) for some good boots it was difficult to find very many options for women. After visiting multiple stores I turned to the web. Ladies, if you haven’t heard of the brand She Outdoor you should be sure to check it out. Guys, if you’re having a tough time getting your lady to go hunting with you maybe buying her the right gear will convince her to give it a try!


Bottom line, you need to be safe while you’re out in the great outdoors so be sure to purchase the right apparel to go with it. See you out there – looking good!



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