A ‘How To’ Guide for Dog Tricks

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We can all admit that our dogs are the center of our lives. So, when friends come over I have this overwhelming urge to convince them that not only are dogs > cats (and literally any other animal out there), but that MY dogs are god’s gift to the world How do I go about doing this? Tricks that I have taught them!

The Sit. We don’t want our fur babies to be jumping up on our new guests, but to be gracious and welcoming hosts by smiling and sitting pretty. Can be accomplished with a push on the bum and a treat. Walah.


Fetch. I have no lazy dogs in my house and they are in tip top shape to entertain their new guests all evening. Up and down the stairs of the deck they go – “look at this awesomely slimy ball that I got for you!” Check.


Stay. You’d be surprised by how many dogs can’t stay put. Because we have hunting dogs we have needed to train them to listen to the task that we give to them, individually. With both dogs ‘woahing’ we call out one of their names to go fetch up the bird that had been shot. This really impresses guests! Most owners haven’t needed to train their dog to respond to their name, because they only have one. Done and done.


Lastly, cuddle time is important to winning any non-dog lover over. Our dog Zeus is the master at this. He’s part german shorthaired pointer and it’s in his blood to be sweet towards others!Zeus Zeus has a calm demeanor and will go up to anyone for a good pet. Many times he’ll even go belly up to get a stomach scratch! No lessons required for this trick.

Now that you also love my dogs I am content! I have to admit that cat-lovers are the hardest to win over so it may take some time for them to come around and admit their affection for my pups, but I’m happy to wait it out. Bottom line, love and attention = happy dogs and wagging tails. 



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