Another Hunt in the Books!

Hunt 7

What a beautiful February weekend it was in Riverside, Iowa; perfect setting for a pheasant hunt. With the help of volunteers, family members, 6 dogs, Highland Hideaway Hunting reserve and our wonderful client, Dylan, I’d say we had a very successful hunt.

Second Shot had previously worked with Dylan in his hometown of Waterloo, IA. An afternoon of fishing off a pier and eating Jimmy Johns was more than enjoyable and it came out that Dylan hadn’t been hunting since his spinal cord injury a few years ago. A swimming accident left him unable to go out in the field on his own. Nothing that a UTV and some volunteers couldn’t solve!prosthetic

Reid Wilson, DPT and Second Shot’s founder, made a prosthetic to allow Dylan to be able to pull the gun’s trigger on his own. After some practice shooting a few clay pidgeon’s we all felt ready to go tackle some birds! The UTV was a great way for a team to post up at the end of a field while the other half of our team to flush out the pheasants towards Dylan.


The dogs were pumped and ready to work; adrenaline pumping and noses sniffing they locked onto a bird in our first walk through, but alas the bird earned his freedom and got away! Patience paid off as the day went on and we ended with 7 birds in total. Dylan was excited to get his first bird since his accident. The sun was getting ready to set so we packed up and got a few good pictures of the happy team, including the star of the day.

With a week to rest we’re already looking forward to taking out our next client, Chris. Although he’s currently battling leukemia he’s ready to hit the field! He has always been an avid outdoorsman and we’re ready to be shown up by such an experienced hunter. Stay tuned for his story next week!



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  1. Sammi | February 22, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    What a wonderful article. It warms my heart to see that Dylan was able to get and hunt again. You all are doing a wonderful thing for those who need help. Awesome adventure for you Dylan. So very happy for you.


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