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Second Shot has been established for about two years now and it feels like the ‘big break’ is happening. Being a fairly small organization ‘big’ is a relative word. More organizations and people have reached out to get involved or do a story on what we’re up to than ever before.

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Every year we’ve had more and more friends, family, and even strangers want to get involved with our non-profit! Donations, backup shooters during a client hunt, additional dogs to work with us, and assistance on planning fundraising events have been more than appreciated. Being a volunteer-based organization we can use any help that’s offered!

Getting the word out

Almost all original volunteer staff members are Luther graduates and that fact has made its way back to campus. This month’s alumni magazine featured Second Shot and interview with our Chief Pursuit Officer, Reid Wilson.

After getting to know some community members, particularly in the hunting world, people have started to recognize and understand our mission. Highland Hideaway has been a huge supporter from the beginning. They connected us with Sweet Point Setters. Sweet Point’s Setter Tales, an outdoor hunting show, just featured Second Shot and our client for the day, Aaron Heying.Aaron

Looking Forward

Of course, there’s always room for improvement! With two more hunts coming up before the end of the season, a clay shooting fundraiser in Minnesota this spring, and a couple of fishing clients this summer we have plenty to get done. But it’s a good thing to look back on what we’ve accomplished and know that what we’re doing is making a difference.

Interested in volunteering or donating? We’ve love to hear from you! Email to get involved today.



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