The Fight Against Leukemia

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My personal experience meeting and spending a short weekend with Chris Gallegos was nothing short of inspiring. For over a year Chris was in and out of the hospital not knowing what was making him so sick. After traveling to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota from New Mexico the doctors discovered that he had leukemia.

When I asked how others could help support him he didn’t know what to say, but that he already felt so blessed. Chris went on to tell me about how wonderful his wife, his siblings, parents and friends have 12801192_501460836699610_1146863546271886316_nbeen as he figured out what was going on and now they are there for him through treatment. In all of his confusion, hospitalizations, sickness and treatments he said that he feels blessed.

Chris has enjoyed deer hunting with his dad before, but has never been pheasant hunting. Although, when we were warming up shooting clay pigeons I would have guessed that he was lying to us. Chris asked for tips from Reid that first afternoon and listened carefully only to demolish the first clay that was shot out in front of him!


This particular IMG_1009weekend we had the pleasure to hunt for two days in two locations, Safari Hunting and Highland Hideaway. It wasn’t long after we got going on Saturday that he got his first pheasant, and second and then third! He was really showing the Second Shot staff how it was done. We can’t wait to take you again, Chris!

If you’re interested in supporting Chris’ cause you can check out his gofundme page, Every bit helps!



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