What and Who is Second Shot?

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By Kelsey Anderson

Waking up early on a Saturday in December was one of the first times I felt as though I was a part of something really great, Second Shot. An organization created to help those with a disability or with an illness. Although I thought we were making an impact in someone else’s life it was really me who was changed.

Second Shot came to be a few months ago and started as an idea… could we actually make this happen? With many helping hands it wasn’t as difficult as we thought. The drive that keeps us going is the continuation of creating opportunities for those with disability or an illness. It becomes a bonus to pair that individual with a caring team of volunteers and the love that comes from our rescued hunting dogs. Our first two clients we took pheasant hunting at Highland Hideaway in Riverside, IA. However, looking to expand in the near future to all outdoor activities from fishing to hiking, biking to snowboarding. We want to do it all; whatever the client wants to achieve we want to promote and create it.

Biking or walking to work are daily activities for me. Something I realize that I take for granted, that I can walk or bike on my own without thinking about it. A client to come this fall is Kathy. Her struggle and fight with Multiple Sclerosis has been inspiring. Second Shot wants to gift her, with the much needed help of friends and strangers donations, newly designed bioness legs. These allow her to walk without the support of you and me. Check out her story here. When I read about Kathy I become inspired and reenergized. I want to do my part in providing her with something that creates an independence for which I take for granted every day, walking to work or elsewhere.

Second Shot has come so far in such a short amount of time, and we continue to develop, move forward, and expand what we offer. A great, official, notification came in the mail to us at the beginning of March giving us full-on non-profit status, 501(c)(3). The government thinks that we’re doing something right – and so do we! If you’d like to get involved or know of someone, like Kathy, that would benefit as a client please reach out to us at getsecondshot@gmail.com. We’d love to have you be a part of this family.



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