Kathy’s Campaign

Walk Walk Walk.

Walk Walk Walk.

Walk Walk Walk.

A smooth easy story for most of us.

Rolling on her scooter in recent years, Kathy has walked in limited doses due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The unpredictable disease is a disconnect between the brain and body limiting movement. Kathy was diagnosed with MS in 1991 and continued living a fairly normal mobile life. In 2011, she woke up not able to move.

With MS, a normal luxury like walking becomes unbalanced and challenging. Scientists have recently designed the Bioness legs which allow for a normal walking.

The Bioness legs are electrodes that connect to muscles on the lower leg to stimulate the appropriate walking movements at correct times. These allow Kathy to walk like you and me. Due to insurance not covering and the expense, we are raising dollars to help Kathy attain these legs and give money to a Multiple Sclerosis cause. With these legs she can walk right over to the chips and dip. Delicious.

“I want to get Bioness to keep up with my kids (her students),” She says.

Her campaign goal is $13000 to support her Bioness Legs purchase by October in order to head out with Second Shot. She will be giving part of the funds raised to a Multiple Sclerosis cause.

Let’s walk with her and together.

Update: $9000 dollars have been pledged for Kathy’s legs. Let’s keep cruising.

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