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Becoming Famous

Second Shot has been established for about two years now and it feels like the ‘big break’ is happening. Being a fairly small organization ‘big’ is a relative word. More organizations and people have reached out to get involved or do a story on what we’re up to than ever before. Read More


Tips For a Very Successful Adaptive Hunt

We have a few individuals who are interested in hunting with Second Shot this season and we’re excited to try and fit them all in the schedule. Our first hunt is coming up fast in less than two weeks! We have worked with a number of clients who have needed physical accommodations to make the experience successful. Here are our tips to those interested in getting involved or want to lead their own adaptive hunt.

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Dog Food Basics

Researching dog foods was time consuming. I found that there was a lot more to know than go to the grocery store and look for the brands that are on tv or listen to the vet. Though the process was enjoyable, I wish I could have saved some time. Through the process, three tips jumped out and are important to remember when feeding your dog. Hopefully these can save you some time!


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3 Reasons to Adopt

For many people there is hesitation in adopting a dog, because of the stigma that surrounds animal shelters and humane societies. Apparently, they must all be bad dogs if they made it there! A couple of fun facts that PetFinder gives, tells us otherwise. The top three reasons why dogs are given to shelters by their owners: 1. moving 2. landlord doesn’t allow pets and 3. maintenance cost (yes, you have to feed your dog multiple times per day, every day). In other cases whole litters of puppies are given to a shelter because of an accidental pregnancy. So, let’s get to the bottom of why to adopt a dog.

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A ‘How To’ Guide for Dog Tricks

We can all admit that our dogs are the center of our lives. So, when friends come over I have this overwhelming urge to convince them that not only are dogs > cats (and literally any other animal out there), but that MY dogs are god’s gift to the world How do I go about doing this? Tricks that I have taught them!

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Top 5 things to do in the SUMMER!

The Second Shot staff loves to hunt, don’t get me wrong, but there are so many activities that you can only do in the summer! These are all things that you can enjoy while staying active or connected with your hunting and outdoorsy friends. Read More


What my dog means to me

This is a guest blog by ‘A Bird Hunter’s Thoughts’ author, Randy Schultz. We thank him for his insight and expertise on bird hunting. To read more of his blogs you can visit his website at www.abirdhuntersthoughts.com.

I never considered I would be stumped by a question about how I felt about my bird dogs! I pondered a bit, then considered some, and slid easily into some contemplation, but I couldn’t get a handle on ‘what my dog means to me’!

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3 Items to Dress Your Best!

Who says that you can’t look good while hunting?! Not me, that’s for sure. Of course you need to think about the weather and what type of hunting you’ll be doing, but surprisingly there’s some good looking hunting apparel out there! Let’s take a look at tops/bottoms, hats and shoes (every girl’s favorite).

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The Fight Against Leukemia

My personal experience meeting and spending a short weekend with Chris Gallegos was nothing short of inspiring. For over a year Chris was in and out of the hospital not knowing what was making him so sick. After traveling to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota from New Mexico the doctors discovered that he had leukemia.

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