Our Time with Aaron

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Just over five years ago Aaron’s accident occurred and changed his life forever. After warming up his shot on clay pigeons he was ready to show us how it was done.

Hunting has always been a passion of Aaron’s and that’s exactly what he was doing when he got hurt. It was a blessing to have his girlfriend at the time, now wife, with him when he fell from his tree stand when the straps broke.Even after taking years off from pheasant hunting Aaron jumped right in and impressed us all. Ten birds bagged in total!

You can check out a preview of Aaron’s hunting video here.

I consider myself to be a fairly positive person, trying to make the best of a situation that I’m not overly happy about. But my attitude is no comparison to Aaron’s. This is what impressed me most about him. He has so much to be thankful for and it could be easy to lose sight of those things when you’re dependent on a wheelchair and others to accomplish certain goals or activities.

It was emotional for me to witness just how much Aaron enjoyed pheasant hunting and being in the great outdoors. And what a beautiful and great day it was. Upland bird hunting isn’t something that Aaron can easily do any longer and what a gift to be with him during his experience with Second Shot. Thank goodness for his great shot, because we ate well that afternoon! My time with Aaron reminds me why I invest time and energy into this wonderful organization. I can’t wait to get back out there!



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